Thursday, October 25, 2007

Does Church Make You Poor?

Looks like it. The U.S. and Kuwait are outliers. I wonder how strong the causal relationship really is. Sleeping in on Sunday looks like an even better idea than I already thought it was.

The Fabled Bypass

The News & Advance has an article about the state of the proposed Rt. 29 bypass. I'm happy to see that Senator Newman has gotten an opinion from Attorney General McDonnell on payback by the Culpeper District, for what it's worth. That's pretty much nothing right now. Gov. Kaine owes too many favors to donors in the C'ville area to allow the bypass plans to go forward. Hard to imagine that it would be different under any Democratic Governor. Score one for McDonnell '09.

I see that I'm not the only one.

Stephen Green (Vodkapundit) writes about his libertarian backsliding. I have to say that I've followed a remarkably similar path in the last few years. I would have voted for Ron Paul without much hesitation in 2000 (it took me a little longer to get into freefall). 2008? Not a chance. Let me further say that Rep. Paul's overeager followers are nearly as annoying as those idiotic 9/11 "truthers." God, what a plague those losers are.