Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Evidence Mounts

I know that some people will always refuse to believe it, but another study points to sexual orientation as "genetically wired." I hear that there's gambling at Rick's, too.

Moment of Silence

Illinois's law faces a court challenge. It makes for an interesting case. I don't think that a moment of silence is likely to fail against a Constitutional challenge, but the idea that it is not meant to promote prayer is nonsense. It just takes a wink and a nod.

Hillary vs. Ronnie P.

Well, this revelation is interesting. It's good news for Republicans, and further proof of Sen. Clinton's high negatives. She has a year to work on those, however....

Update: look at these numbers, too.

I'm back.

I know you're excited. I'd further regale you with tales of 3 days off, but I know better. More posting shortly.